The One Iranian Yalda gathering

we celebrated the longest night of the year in the Iranian calendar,Yalda, once again The One Iranian members gather.

On the last day of autumn, according to a long-standing Iranian tradition, we celebrated Yalda in The One Company to create happy moments together again and to record 30 Azar 99 as a memorable day in the The One Iranian family.

We celebrated this ceremony with the presence of guests and colleagues of The One Company, as in previous years, and we spent a memorable day together.

Yalda night is only one minute longer than other nights, but the friendship and love in the family is endless. Hafez's fortune, sincere conversations with The One member and listening to the words of Mr. Bashir Anisi, the successful CEO of The One Iranian, games and entertainment and moments of heartfelt laughter; It made the last day of autumn a memorable month for us.

The One Iranian was established as the first company providing marketing and sales engineering services for the Iranian construction industry. Today, with more than 13 years of experience, it provides services and novel and knowledge base solutions for successful investment management to investors.

Among the valuable services of this company, the initial investment studies, market entry strategies, opportunity studies, market research, branding of construction projects, as well as the development of pricing and marketing strategies (marketing campaigns, classroom layout, etc.) and sales services can be mentioned.