Establishment of equipped workers' residence in Rasht Citadium

The executive team of the Citadium Rasht Commercial and Entertainment Center, in order to improve the welfare of the workers, established a well-equipped workers' residence at the project site.

Due to the large number of workers working on the Rasht Citadium project, the Rasht Citadium executive team decided to build a well-equipped residence for the dear workers. For this purpose, we chose an abandoned shed that was located as part of the project. The height inside this shed was 6 meters, which was divided into two floors by 3 meters due to a metal structure, and on each floor, 6 rooms with an area of ​​approximately 40 square meters were considered. Each room consists of 8 2-storey beds with a total capacity of 192 people. The capacity of the other accommodation of the complex is 58 people, in total, the Rasht Citadium project has a capacity of 250 people with all the basic amenities. 

One of the points that we pay attention to in Devan Iranian Company as the developer of Citadium Rasht commercial and entertainment center is quality. This quality is important for the collection at the time of execution, at the time of commissioning and at the time of operation. Therefore, we allocated a part of the project site to a special kitchen for cooking the food of the executive forces of the complex. Other amenities in this complex for the well-being of dear workers include split cooling system, package heating system, toilets and bathrooms. 

Rasht Citadium Commercial and Recreation Center is being built on a land with an area of ​​approximately 51300 square meters and approximately 143,000 square meters of infrastructure on the Rasht-Anzali road, which has not reached the Khomem road police. The first phase of operation of Rasht Citadium will be put into operation in March of 1400 with the presence of Hyperstar store and other prominent brands in the retail industry.