Palm Plaza villa town has been introduced to Norooz travelers following the strategies of new marketing and sales consultant, The One Iranian.

The launch of Nooruz billboards of Palm Plaza project on the route of Norooz trips to Mazandaran province is the start point of the marketing campaign of this project in 1397. These billboards are from Khezershahr to Katalem Ramsar on certain routes and designed to inform the audience of this particular luxury project. The project billboards were designed in such a way that viewers can get acquainted with different parts of the project on a track and identify the full project identity. The One Iranian, with their information through billboards on the road, could attract valuable visitors during the Norooz holidays, and the project information office during this time hosted them.

Palm Plaza villa town is under construction in a land plot of 86,000 meters in Kelarabad, Mazandaran. The design of the shared areas, which is one of the strengths of the project, is based on the finest and most special types of plants, stone materials and excellent lighting. 64 villas of this project are designed with beautiful and eye-catching architecture in 8 different types, and a small number of villas in the city are considered for providing high standard services to residents.

View the details of Palm Plaza project here:

 Palm Plaza Villa Town


The first meeting of the Entrepreneurship Summit and the introduction of new business was held in the Engineering Workshop of Tehran Engineering Organization with the participation of Bashir Anisi as the speaker.

The series of specialized meetings of the Civil Engineering Committee of Tehran Technical Complex will be held with various educational goals. This is the first time in the last days of year that the subject of entrepreneurship and startups in this organization was discussed specially. The entrepreneurship conference, which was hosted by Mojtaba Saber as chairman of the panel, was initiated by Rashidzadeh, head of the Civil Engineering Department, Khatibi, member of the board of directors of the organization, and Elahi Far, the deputy head of the Civil Engineering Department, and then Bashir Anisi as the top entrepreneur in the country described the entrepreneurial process and the nature of the new businesses, and explained concepts such as business angels and accelerators, and illustrated the successful examples of successful international businesses that fit the expertise of participating members, Such as SELECT Company that has created innovative ground-based concepts, and he building analyzed of these companys’ success factors. The two-hour meeting, which is a prelude to the upcoming sessions on the subject, continued with questions and answers, and participants received a great deal of content from the workshop and the topics discussed.



Mr Benoit Cazin, Business Manager of Majid Al-Fatim in Dubai visited Citadium Rasht project.

Benoit Cazin, one of Carrefour's senior executives, visited this project after going through the process of signing a memorandum of understanding and doing everything necessary for Carrefour presence at Citadium Rasht Shopping Center. Mr. Cazin is recognized as one of the most successful and professional executives of Carrefour and the department of commerce, and in his professional career, he has recorded the experience of managing 200 business centers in China at a short time, known as one of the success stories in retail chain management. The 30-year experience in retail business has become one of the most experienced people in the group. After Mr. Benoit’s visit from Rasht and the commercial and retail market in the area, he visited the under construction project of the Citadium project. Mr. Benoit’s confirmed and approved the market research process of this project, location selection, business development plan of Citadium Rasht, construction and operation concept and drawings prepared by the Greek architect YAP, consultant for this project, as the right choice for Hyper Star for the first presence in the North Iran. In fact, he confirmed the integrity of this project as a good one.

The Citadium Rasht is under construction in an area of 51306 square meters in three floors. This project is a subset of the chain stores of Citadium brand that is being implemented in the big cities of Iran with the aim of establishing commercial centers with standards and high level international services.

Read more about the specifications of the Citadium shopping center Rasht here:

Citadium Rasht

The One Iranin, the host of Norooz ceremony

On Thursday, March 8, 2017, the ceremony of New Year's Eve 97 was held in Shahid Beheshti University, Abu Rhyhan convention hall. The One Iranian hosted a number of special clients to welcome spring. The ceremony was attended by brands such as Bahman Stock Exchange, Nash Tabriz Co. and The One Iranian Co. as sponsors of the ceremony. The artist, Mr. Mohsen Ebrahimzadeh, performed at the ceremony, and a lottery ceremony was held in which the sponsors had a lot of awards for guests. The One Iranian, as the first sales and marketing consultant in the country, who had attended the ceremony with its 3 unique projects, considered a special gift for the guests.
Rozet green towers are designed by Farzad Daliri, which is under construction in the most prosperous area of Tehran, with 7000 m2 of green space, tennis and volleyball courts, with facilities like a swimming pool and sauna, gyms and gathering salon, cinema, kindergarten and roof garden in district 5, was one of the projects of The One Iranian at this celebration of Nowruz. Three other projects were Palm Plaza villa town, Atlas Kish residential tower, and the introduction of the Citadium brand.
The buyers of these projects also attended in this ceremony, and The One Iranian delivered a brief speech by Mr. Nazir Anisi, Development Director of the company and granted to 10 participants in lotteries, special conditions for the presence and investment in the company’s projects as a gift.


A new fame for Panaroma residential towers

Panaroma residential towers have been renamed to Rozet following its owner and investor development policies. Rahab Sakht Mahan Co., one of the largest construction companies in Iran by having several years of experience in construction and managing the construction projects with the goal of unified development, has begun to review its brand identity. In this regard, the brand name of massive residential projects will be Rozet and all its commercial centers are called Citadium. In this regard, all the promotional activities of this project will be modified by Rozet.
Rozet towers are being built in an area of 10732 square meters with an area of 65212.2 square meters in district 5. Rozet Residential Project is a 364-unit residential complex with a total floor area of 13 floors and a passenger compartment and 5 underground floors. Rozet is the largest construction project in district 5 of Tehran, and its very convenient access is one of the important features of this project. The eye-catching architecture of the towers designed by Farzad Daliri team combined with the perfect amenities and facilities has made Rozet a luxury and unique collection.

The executive managers of Carrefour visited Citadium Urmia

Mr. Benoit Kazan, along with Hyperstrar's management team, visited Citadium Urmia shopping mall on March 10th. Kazan is recognized as one of the top and foremost executives of Carrefour and Majed-Al-Fotaim with a record of success in managing shopping centers. The 30-year experience in retail business has made him one of the most experienced people in the group. Citadium Urmia shopping mall, as the largest shopping center of the West, will use the Hyper Star brand as a daily shopping center in its first phase of development. The right location of the project, an outstanding project area, high standard infrastructure required for development of a shopping center in the regional level, the presence of domestic and international consultants and international standards of commercial buildings’ design has attracted the brands such as Hyper Star to be in this project. Benoit Kazan endorsed the construction and development of Citadium Urmia and described the development strategy of this project as a very intelligent one in both two phases.


A meeting of the committee of investment managers of the municipalities of the country was held at Kadoush hotel on January 16-17, with the presence of the mayor, head of the city council and head of the city's investment organization of Rasht.

The meeting, with a new approach to investing and participating in the metropolitan municipalities, was held with the presence of successful investors of the country and the province along with metropolitan investment managers, and Mr. Bashir Anisi as one of the successful investors and activists in the field of was attended in this gathering. Investment projects such as the Persian Garden of Kish Island, the comprehensive plan of Rasht Gardens, the Tehran waste incineration plan, and transportation and traffic were signed and agreed during the meeting sessions. During this two-day summit, many memoranda of understanding were signed by investors with the municipality of Rasht and important projects in the field of development of Rasht city were defined. In this regard, the Memorandum of Understanding on the study and attraction of the Investors for Boostan Mellat of Rasht was signed by Mr. Anisi, managing director of The One Iranians and the mayor of Rasht. The main goal of investing groups’ activities in metropolitan cities is to create jobs and increase people's income, and at this meeting they tried to focus on the importance of creating new businesses with respect to indigenous and climatic conditions. The investment organization is one of the most effective organizations and municipalities can have a very useful and constructive interaction with this institution in order to develop cities.

On Jan 11, 2018 Citadium Urmia has been launched officially by the presence of a group of local and regional authorities such as Mr. Mohammad Mahdi, the governor of Western Azerbaijan, Mr. Hazratpour, the mayor of Urmia city, Mr. Khodabakhsh, the governor of Eastern Azerbaijan, Mr. Shahin Bahar, the mayor of Tabriz city and other authorities which was the first public announcement about this project’s development.

Mr. Bashir Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian, the exclusive marketing consultant of Citadium, outlined the characteristics and features of this project and development strategies and executive phases at the ceremony.

Citadium project, which was launched many years ago under the name of Rozet, is currently the largest mall or shopping center in the western part of the country. This huge project, which has been re-launched by Bouka Holding and Urmia Municipality, is to be exploited in two phases. The design of this project is under the responsibility of YAP Group, one of the most famous European designers and architects in the field of designing commercial complexes and malls, which seeks to meet the 100% international standards for shopping malls. Parking design at all levels of the complex is also aimed at creating a high level of comfort and ease of mind for users. In addition to commercial units, Citadium Urmia also provides recreational services such as restaurants and coffee shops, playgrounds and cinema. The One Iranian along with consultants such as YAP as project designer, TEAME as a consultant for the production of promotional materials such as physical modeling and animation, and the famous brand of Carrefour known as HyperStar; strives to provide the highest standard for a shopping mall.


The new development policy by the new management team has been made Rozet project under construction again under the name of Citadium.

The new investor of CITADIUM project is Bouka holding, which is the owner of Mihan factories. 70% of the capital of this 500 billion tomans project will be paid by the new investor and 30% of it by the municipality of Urmia. Mr. Hazratpour, mayor of Urmia, said about the new development plan of Citadium shopping center: this great project will its work on March 2019 with the employment of 800 labors, mostly from local people, and sought to create a focal point of sustainable income of the region. The leasing exploitation strategy can also highlighted the long-term executive team's plans for efficient and desirable use of the potential of the complex, which is the largest "mall" or shopping center of the West Iran.

The One Iranian, as the first marketing and sales consulting company in the construction industry, has been presented from the beginning of the project as a strategic director and as an exclusive exploitation representativefor the operation of Citadium project. Mr. Bashir Anisi, CEO of The One Iranian, believes that Citadium will be a prominent brand in the field of commercial and financial complexes of the country and even the region very soon.

Citadium Urmia project will be completed in two phases according to the strategic planning of The One Iranian. Hyper Star daily shopping center will be opened in the first phase of development as the first presence of this brand in West Iran. The built-up area in this phase is planned to be more than 20 thousand square meters. The built-up area of the second phase of Citadium Urmia project is more than 99 thousand square meters, which is generally 119884 square meters for the whole project. Citadium will host the world's best-known and most prominent brands, creating a collection of shopping, daily shopping and leisure, as well as having a 2548-car park space that will provide a family-friendly environment.