Currently, Rasht Citadium in the second stage of the pre-sale , sell only 20% of the first and second phase units with special circumstances, so this is a unique opportunity for investors, business owners and people with ideas who want to cooperate with Citadium .

The Rasht Citadium project is located on a land of 51,306 square meter in the city of Rasht, at the beginning of the Rasht-Anzali road. Citadium, as the largest commercial and recreational center of the north of Iran, in addition to commercial spaces, includes several recreational spaces, such as the largest cinema complexof  the north of Iran, Ethnic Hall, specialized gyms for men and women, spas, wonderland, etc., and is currently under construction. Citadium will be open in two phases, The first phase of which includes the ground and the first floor, and will be open in March 2021.

The One Iranian Company, Citadium brand creator

The One Iranian Company, as the Citadium brand creator, is in charge of the management of the Rasht Citadium, and is a strategic consultant for the development of the project. The project is owned by the avant-garde Deilman and is currently under construction with the investment of Buca Holding and the construction management of Rahab Sakht Mahan Company.

These days, meetings for the Rasht Citadium commercial and recreational center  pre-sales are being held in Rasht and Tehran with the presence of the sales managers of this center. For more information about the terms of sales, contact us at 09123867777.

The One Iranian turned 13 years old!

After more than a decade of successful activities in the real estate market, on the 13th anniversary of the establishment of The One Iranian family, we, as a family, gathered together to make memories again and celebrate the success of approaching the company's visions. The One Iranian Company started its' professional and international activity for the first time in 2006 in the fields such as market research, analysis the competitors in the market and strategic management associated with real estate market. Based on experiences such as asset management, risk reduction, marketing and sales engineering, as well as evaluating the potential of starting a business, after examining the country market and various services associated with the real estate industry, the way was paved ahead of The One Iranian company to continue its' activity, so in 2007 it was registered officially.

The founders of the company, with the cooperation of the best foreign and Iranian consultants (the best in each field) and accurate knowledge of the do's and don'ts, established The One Iranian as the first Development Solution company providing marketing and sales engineering services to construction industry activists in Iran. The One Iranian provide investor of construction industry novel solutions and services in order to manage properties and succeed in the current market, including initial investment studies, development of appropriate strategies to enter the market, opportunity and feasibility studies, market research, branding and pricing, marketing, and sales strategies, and it is the first company which defines up-to-date concepts such as "exclusive sales" and "opportunity studies" in the Iranian construction and real estate industry. providing these new and global services, the CEO of The One Iranian Company; Mr. Bashir Anisi Won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 4th academy of Bureau of Work and Social Services in the utility field of Sales and Marketing Engineering of construction industry and Nominated for the National Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

The One Iranian main goal is to pay attention to the consumer's perspective and provide up-to-date services in the field of real estate. the company's vision is to become an integral part of the country's construction industry, So that large projects in the field of construction industry cannot be done without a scientific approach to this field and a marketing and sales consultant.

By 6th of October, 2020, 13 years have passed since the first day of providing services by The One Iranian company. for another year, The One Iranian provided honest, professional, creative and unique services to its' customers. What distinguishes the company over the years is the integrity and the speed of providing the services. The One Iranian main approach is based on the slogan of Putting you first, and accordingly it gives value to its' customers and considers itself responsible for wasting properties of customers, and empowering them. The One Iranian valuable Assets is professional, creative, responsible and committed workforce that are like a family, and considers itself in all the successes and strives to maintain The One Iranian values.








Different presence of Jeanswest stores in Urmia Citadium

Jeanswest brand, as one of the leading brands in the clothing industry, has signed a letter of agreement, and announced its cooperation in phases A and B of Citadium commercial-recreational center and has been along with this commercial center until the opening of the first phase of the project. After the opening of the well-known brands Mashhad Leather and Prima Plus, the store of this popular brand also opened on September 3, 2020, taking into account the special conditions of the Corona virus pandemic, observing maximum health protocols and without holding an opening event and celebration at Urmia Citadium. Also, after the opening of the first ice cream cafe of Prima brand in Citadium of Urmia, Jeanswest brand is preparing to open the first branch for children or jeanswest kids, for the first time in Citadium of Urmia.

Jeanswest is a retailer with a 48year history in the fashion and clothing industry. This brand whose style is casual has started its activity in Iran since October 2008. Now with more than 31 branches in Tehran and big cities of Iran, it has opened the largest number of stores in the Retail Fashion market. It is one of the most notable brands in the Iranian clothing market.

The One Iranian Company, strategic consultant for the development, marketing and sales of Citadium commercial-recreational Center, is looking to create new spaces in Citadium Urmia with international standards which befitting the largest brands in our country. Urmia Citadium Recreational-Commercial Center is defined as a land with an area of 53,500 square meters and a total built-area of 119,884 square meters in phases A and B. Phase A of the center will be opened with the presence of retail stores, including Jeanswest and other reputable brands, and the next phase is under construction.

New members of the Citadium family start working!

Famous and well-known brands of Mashhad leather and Prima Plus started their activities in Urmia Commercial-recreational Center one month after the presence of the first Hyperstar in the Citadium project in the west of the country. Considering the challenges ahead in recent months, we have fulfilled our promise of the opening of this center on-time. Considering all of the problems caused by Corona virus where working requires special arrangements, The One Iranian Company, Marketing and Sales Consultant and Development Manager of Citadium Chain Shopping Centers, has tried to manage the conditions, and gather the best brands together in Citadium in order to ensure the high quality of products and the encouragement of Citadium customers. Also, in the current situation, in order to respect each other's health and adapt to the conditions of the society, Urmia Citadium does not consider an opening program to start the brands activities due to the prevention of the high risk of crowds.

Prima Plus Cafe, the first ice cream cafe of Prima brand in all of Iran, started its activity in July of this year in Urmia Citadium commercial and recreational center. This brand is a subset of Mihan factories and has been introduced to the market in recent years. Mihan is one of the largest producers of ice cream and dairy products in Iran. Ice cream of this brand was selected among the top 10 brands along with world famous ice cream brands in 2016 in Forbes International Magazine. Prima has recently created the Primaplus brand, a brand that was present in shopping malls before Urmia Citadium and has been widely welcomed. Respecting your taste, Prima Plus allows you to choose the ice cream base, ice cream topping and topping ingredients yourself and create your favorite custom ice cream.

Mashhad leather brand is one of the most prestigious leather brands in Iran, which was established in 1996 in the leather industrial town of Mashhad. This brand is one of the largest manufacturers of leather that produces and supplies a variety of leather goods, including clothing, bags and gloves, etc. with high quality and international standards. Mashhad Leather offers quality products in the markets of Iran and the world regarding an increase in the value and popularity of the company among customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders. Mashhad Leather is also benefiting from the experiences of the world's great designers and engineers in the coming year to take another positive step in order to update its products and factories.

The One Iranian Company, as a strategic consultant for the development, marketing and sales of the Urmia Citadium project, has not given up its efforts in the challenging days of Corona virus pandemic, and as a marketing and sales engineering company in the construction industry, always care about the projects under its management, and takes effective steps to create new spaces in the position of development and branding consultant. Urmia Citadium Recreation and Commercial Center area is of 53,500 square meters and a total area of 119,884 square meters and is defined in 2 phases. The first phase of this center has been inaugurated with the presence of Hyperstar retail store and other prominent brands, and the second phase is under construction.





The twentieth branch of Hyperstar, located in the first phase of Urmia Citadium, started operating on June 11, 2020 with the presence of senior managers of Hyperstar and urban officials of Urmia.

Based on the latest principles in the world and regarding the insights on the layout of guilds, the Citadium development team has provided the necessary facilities and standards for the presence of the best retail brands, and decided to open its first phase in the last days of 1398 (march 2020). However, due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country, it decided to postpone the opening of the Citadium considering health protocols.

One of the most important features of the development of the first phase of Urmia Citadium is the presence of an anchor store, in which Hyperstar, which is one of the most popular retail brands in Iran, has been selected as the anchor of the first phase. After crossing the Corona Peak, Hyperstar opened its 20th branch considering health protocols.

As expected, the opening day of Hyperstar was met with an unparalleled public response, with many reporters and investors discussing the features of the first and second phases of the Citadium Commercial-Recreational Center with the center's operative managers.

The first phase of the center will be inaugurated soon with the presence of other reputable indigenous and international brands.

For more information about investing in the Urmia Citadium project, contact us 09123965555.



Rozet residential towers have brought about a different opportunity for investment in the secondary real estate market (pre-sale market of the housing). Despite the increased cost of development of real estate in the new year, this project provides not only the possibility of investing in proper prices, but also through flexible payment term. Rozet residential towers are the largest development project in the District 5 of Tehran. Suitable accessibility and location are of the important features of these towers. This 13-floor project is located on an area of 10732 square meters, includes 364 residential units, a pilot floor and 5 basement floors. The eye-catching architecture of the towers, designed by Farzad Daliri's team, along with convenient amenities and services, has made Rozet a luxurious and unique collection. The One Iranian, which has been cooperating as an exclusive marketing and sales consultant for Rozet residential towers since 2016, provides clever strategies in the field of optimal pricing and flexible payment terms through studying different pricing models and analyzing the project position. Flexible and perfect sales contract provide a distinct occasion to invest in the housing market. Due to the scarcity of pre-sale cases in the current turbulent real estate market, ones who are looking for an appropriate and unrepeatable opportunity to invest in and pre-purchase housing can contact us through 09123864444.



The One Iranian Company decided to launch an exciting program Following returning from quarantine in order to change the mood of previous stressful days, thereby painting through energetic acrylic paints and an abstract technique were selected due to the fact that it is simple and everyone can participate in it. The canvases and colors were ordered, and announced to colleagues to be present on April 20,2020 regarding the social distance.
On the day of the performance, initial acquaintance and training provided by one of the experienced instructors to the colleagues; Then, they started to make the desired colors and poured the colors on their canvases in different ways to render each work. The program, which lasted about 4 hours, gave a different atmosphere to the office and created different moments throughout the history of The One Iranian corporation.
When the paintings were finished, the distinguishing part and the surprise of the day began; At the end of each painting, the owner of the painting was asked about the estimated price of the painting to sale in favor of the charity. It was decided that anyone who was willing to, bought his/her painting, and being so, donated an amount of money to charity. This event was met with unprecedented acclaim.
The One Iranian always believes that if we are in a good mood, we can double our positive energy and mood by sharing it with others. On that day, the sweet memory of painting and philanthropic deeds remained in our minds.


Art, the Citadium’s connecting bridge in the 3rd campaign

Operating the third stage of the campaign which was one of the triple stages of Citadium project in Urmia occurred in the first months of 2020, along with the help of art which is a strong and effective connection among people, and it was conducted by carrying out different programs for the first time in Urmia.

Every advertising campaign is a special devised strategy which is using in media and other advertisement tools that follows specific goals. The purposes of each advertising campaign can include introducing the brand, increasing sales and connecting to a special market. Removing the boundaries of communication with each other, using the insights of expert artists in a modern context, introducing new artists in the field of performance to the city were all the aims of the third Citadium’s campaign.

Citadium Commercial-Recreational Complex is located in Urmia, the center of Western Azerbaijan province, the northwest of Iran. This project is being constructed in 2 phases that its first phase is approaching the opening days. So far, Citadium in Urmia has run successful campaigns in order to connect different classes and ages of people. Making the sense of happiness and excitement, and also enhancing this sense was not just a slogan, and in the thoughts and ideas of the marketing group of Citadium Commercial-Entertainment Complex, paying attention to such matter has been taken seriously. Presence, making connection and running social, cultural and artistic shows in the form of creative campaigns preceding the opening of a commercial-recreational center are all signs of having a modern and new attitude towards our audiences that has happened for the first time in the country.

The third part of the series of Citadium’s campaigns was conducted in the last winter, in 2 sections including running a painting competition and also a graphic symposium. According to our family-centered approach, and the concept of “happy family”, Citadium’s painting competition for the kids of 5 to 12 years old was announced in social media in the last days of autumn, and its results were announced by giving prizes to the winners in February. The competition’s prizes were given in two parts comprising judging and a lottery. Families welcoming and the presence of many kids from Urmia in the competition are the signs of success in the conducted campaign run marketing group of Citadium.

The graphic symposium (graffiti festival)Citadium was held in Commercial-Recreational Center in the last winter in Urmia City.  Graffiti is referred to the class of self-inspired writings or paintings drawn on the walls of public places. this festival was held in order to motivate the spirit of alliance and hope, expanding artistic capacities and raising a useful and effective trend to support performing arts and their artists in Urmia city. Regarding the current situations, marketing group of Citadium in Orumieh took actions to conduct a social campaign, encourage and inspire people. With the title of #choose-hope, the graffiti symposium invited the city’s artists to promote the sense of hope.

Regarding social marketing concept, in formulating marketing policies, managers of marketing of organizations and big companies consider important factors such as the company’s benefit, customer’s needs and also the society’s profits.

This symposium was held in 2020 February 29, With the presence of some art students and artists of graffiti or wall-painters artists, and also well-known artists of Urmia as the judges of the competition. In this part, cash prizes were given to three referee-selected works. All the judges and participants were appreciated by Citadium Complex, and the prizes and certificate of attendance at the Wall Painting Symposium were given to the participants.