Setare Omran Zamin

Setareh Omran Zamin was founded in 2010 as a limited liability company and was financed by mentioned fund in order to meed the strategic plans of banks retirement funds. The main value and goal of this company is to provide the following services:

1. Creation of a force to execute and manage the construction and completion of real estates which belong to the retirement fund

2. Entering a profitable market (construction industry) to invest and make the best use of the financial sources

The subject of the company’s activities includes execution of building projects, consultancy and technical inspection under the project management or contractors, partnership and shareholding of construction and development companies, import and export of raw materials, plants and machinery which are related to construction industry, operation of all commercial matters related to construction industry of the country and building manufacturing factories and labs for production of building materials.

Some projects which have been managed by this company includes Setareh Golestan, Vozarah, Roham, Tavanir, Resalat, Hakim and Yaft Abad.