Omran Chitgar Development Company

Omran Chitgar Developmnent, which is located on the 22nd district of Tehran and is based on the western coast of Chitgar Lake, are currently building the biggest residential development of the capital named Chitgar Residential Development. Chitgar Residential Development is one of the most modern and beautiful developments currently under construction which its industrially constructed high-rise towers are visible in the area. The whole surrounding lands of Chitgar area is over 679 hectares which is divided into A to E sections, and the A and B sections are currently under supervision and construction of Omran Chitgar Development. A section contains 17 towers and B section consists of 20 towers.

The total number of residential units of this complex equals to 10604 units on the A and B sections which 508 units have been completed and 377 of these units have been delivered to their owners. The rate of completion of projects is 31.6% and there is 10096 units remaining to be constructed. The C section consists of 8 towers which has been assigned to Chahargane Niroo Cooperative and D and E sections are currently at their planning stage and Maskan Sazan will be responsible for the execution of these two sections.