Tajali Mehr Iranian

Tajali Mehr Iranian was established in 2009 in Tehran as a subsidiary of Mehr Eqtesad Iranian holding company. The main purpose of this company is to be active in construction, financial and commercial industries. In early 2011 it was decided that Tajali Mehr Iranian will commence their activities as a holding company and therefore stocks of other companies (Ansar Building Group, Kosar Azarbayejan, Koosha Paydar, Farasooye Sharq, Eftekhare Khoozestan) were all transferred to the mentioned holding company. Then in late 2013, according to Mehr Eqtesade Iranian’s policy, all but 1 share of Farasooye Sharq Company was transferred to Taavon Basij Corporation.

Tajali Mehr Iranian is a construction and civil holding company and is still an affiliate of Mehr financial and Investment Group. Tajali Mehr Iranian has chosen The One Iranian to operate their sales and marketing activities.