Behsazi va Zibasazi Haram-eh Qom

Zibasazi, Behsazi va Nosazi Atraf Haram Motahar Hazrate Masoomeh (peace be upon her) Organization (Renovation and beatification of Hazaret Masoomeh’s shrine) has operated under the management of Qom’s City Council. An important action of this organization includes the purchase and renovation of old architectures and preparation of lands surrounding the shrine with an area of over 50,000m2 such as Imam Khomeini Great Square, planning and execution of significant plan of Imam Khomeini Square in the boundary of the shrine, planning Qom Great Commercial – Residential Project (replacement for the old fruit and vegetable market) and execution of Alqadir Commercial Complex.

All the above projects are on the path of development of city of Qom and increase its infrastructural utilities which were mandated to county’s and country’s authoritative bodies.