Rasht is one of Iranian metropolitans where construction rate has been increased for several years. The city characteristic is changing from traditional into modern including the transformation of the general structure of the city. Due to the new requirements of City residents, these days we see numerous construction with different kind of land uses and Rasht is not an exception. Different private and governmental agencies have started already to invest on real estate project in this city. Among all these construction activities, considering a new shopping culture and entering lots of international brands into Iranian market, investing on commercial and shopping mall projects have been raised and attracted lots of interests.

Regarding this change in the market, the construction of Citadium project has been started in a very strategic location in connection with all the main accessibilities to the city center and also to the main cities around. This will attract different people both from Rasht and cities around.

Citadium shopping mall is under construction in a land of 51306 square meters in three floors with a built-area about 138000 square meters by YAP consulting group and Bonsar Architects. YAP is one of the most famous architecture group in Europe that knows the standards of commercial and shopping areas very well and Bonsar is one of the best Architects Group in Iran. Citadium will be the first place of Carrefour presence in north part of Iran and an area about 5000 square meters will be devoted to it with the name of HyperStar.

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 Bonsar Architects


The Owner of Rasht Citadium shopping mall is Avantgarde Deylaman.

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Bouka Holding Company



 Project Information:

- 21000 square meters of GBA is considered in each floor

- There are 4 restaurants and cafes in each floor according to maintain the visitors’ welfare

- Designing the kids’ land area with a new concept

- A modern high-standardized food court area as a great anchor area

- High-capacity parking area with 1367 parking spots

- The construction time period is 24 months


Project Location:

Khomam Dist, Rasht-Anzali Road, Rasht, Gilan province, Iran.


The One Iranian is strategic consultant of Citadium project. Land allocation, opportunity study and value engineering of this project is done by The One. The One is also responsible for mall zoning, brand management, naming, visual identity, marketing and advertisement strategies, pricing and sales management in this project.  

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