Citadium shopping mall is under construction in a land of 53500 square meters in 7 floors in Urmia city, West Azerbaijan. By considering all the necessary standards in this commercial complex design, the investors and constructors aim to the most distinguished project of the province. Citadium positioning is defined based on a luxury shopping mall in scale of Urmia and all the cities around and to be competitive with shopping centers of neighbor countries. Urmia Citadium is supposed to be an entrance for all the famous brands and retails company to come into Iranian market in west part.

The perfect location of the project, beautiful architecture by YAP consulting company besides thorough facilities and services can undertake a very long-term effective life the mall and meet the expectations of the users.


Urmia Citadium  information:

- 5-storey shopping mall including hyper market and parking with predicting a place to further development of a cinema

- Considering one floor to food court and cafes with the highest standard of design

- Designing kids’ land, adequate floors of parking plots and hyper market

- Project development and construction in two phases of A and B based on an appropriate topography

- First phase consists of Hyper market development in addition to all the supportive areas and also a row of shops; all with the built-up area of 20376 square meters

- Second phase includes a 5-storey shopping mall with parking in every floor. The second phase built-up area is 99508 square meters

- The whole project built-up area is about 213000 square meters


The owner and investor:

Urmia Citadium is under construction by Bouka investment as a private company and also Urmia municipality.


Project Location:

Saadi Boulevard, Urmia city, West Azerbaijan


The One Iranian is strategic consultant of Citadium project. Based on The one's strategies the construction of the project is defined in two phases of development that assure the best project profit scenario and also help the branding of the project. Land allocation, opportunity study and value engineering of this project is done by The One. The One is also responsible for mall zoning, brand management, naming, visual identity, marketing and advertisement strategies, pricing and sales management in this project. 



 See The Urmia Citadium here.




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